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The Nexa Team

The Nexa blockchain is built and maintained by the team from Bitcoin Unlimited. They have over a decade of experience in building scalable blockchain technologies.

  • Andrew Stone

    Lead Developer

  • Paul Church

    Community Leader

  • Dr. Peter Rizun

    Chief Scientist

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Nexa In The News

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Nexa’s Supply Schedule - Using A Tried and True Model

To put it simply, Nexa’s supply schedule maps directly to Bitcoin’s. 2.1 quadrillion (2,100,000,000,000,000) satoshis will have been mined in roughly 140 years time, or 21 trillion NEX...

Paul Church

6 min read


Nexa’s Scaling Strategy - How We Enable Over 100,000TPS

There are a number of bottlenecks to allowing blockchain scaling on a PoW and UTXO-based network but they can be summarised as: Bandwidth: how much data can be sent between nodes. Speed: at validating transactions. Storage: space to store the blockchain.

Paul Church

6 min read

Software, Mining, Bounty

$10,000 Bounty for an Open-source GPU Mining Software Provided By B.U.

'Today, B.U. announces a bounty equivalent to US$10,000 (paid in BTC or BCH) for fully functional and fully open-source GPU mining software made free to the community.

Paul Church

2 min read